Disability-Related Housing Requests

Kennesaw State University believes that a residential experience for students encourages active participation and engagement in the campus community; provides opportunities to develop intellectually, socially, physically, and spiritually; teaches accountability for decisions and actions; and challenges students to express their individual and unique voices while respecting and valuing the voices of others. The residential experience at KSU offers students the opportunity to select from a variety of living arrangements in a number of distinct communities with varying amenities and support services. You are encouraged to make the most of this opportunity and to fully engage in your residential experience and all the outstanding resources that are available to you. For more information on Residence Life, visit http://ksuhousing.kennesaw.edu/.

A student who desires to live on campus but requires some level of accommodation because of a medical, psychological or physical disability may request consideration of those accommodations through the following process. Applications for housing are processed on a first-come first served basis, so timely requests are critical to meeting individual needs. Every effort will be made to provide reasonable accommodations that allow a student the opportunity to participate in the residential experience in the most inclusive manner possible.

Action Steps

1. Follow the application procedures for University housing. All the housing applications are done on-line, so you'll need to go to http://ksuhousing.kennesaw.edu/. You will be instructed to select one of the communities, and then you should follow instructions from there. You will also be able to get specific community information from that website.

2. Register with Student Disability Services and provide documentation of a legally defined disability that meets the University System of Georgia documentation requirements. Information relating to a disability is maintained in confidential files in the SDS office.

3. Complete the Application for Housing Accommodations and submit it to the SDS office. 

Student Responsibilities

1. Submit requests for housing accommodations as early as possible following acceptance     to the University. Requests will only be considered from students who are fully accepted. 

2. Abide by all policies and procedures related to residences on campus including lease agreement, student code of conduct requirements, and financial arrangements. 

Recommendations for housing accommodations will be made by the Assistant Director for Student Disability Services in consultation with other appropriate campus personnel and forwarded to the Director of Residence Life. Requests are carefully evaluated with consideration to the timing of the request, the severity of the condition, the feasibility of the request, and the availability of space. The goal is to support both the needs of the student as well as the goals of university housing. Recommendations are not binding on any other campus office, unit, department or agency.

Requests must be renewed on an annual basis following the process identified above.